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SWTOR:Command Decisions: The Pillars of Leading Ops, Part

Snarl is online with Command Decisions, a weekly column that looks at guild management, and the perils and rewards within.

Exclusive to Galactic Holofeed Channel Zeta OMicron Gamma 111, Major Snarl is online with Command Decisions, a weekly column that looks at guild management, and the perils and rewards within. Tune in to the transmission after an investigation regarding the mysterious deaths of many Bothans…

Greetings, TORWarriors! These next two weeks we’re taking a break from guild management to focus on a more specialized leadership task–being an Ops Group Leader. Whether you lead your guild’s regular raiders (sorry, Ops-ers is just not working for me) or are leading a PUG (“Pick Up Group”) trying to down a world boss, the demands are great and expectations high. While certainly the points below are valid for overall leading–and you should notice some themes I’ve been mentioning in earlier columns–these are more for Ops leading which are even more mission and objective-driven.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  These were adapted for this far, far away galaxy from a guild post made several years ago by my friend Vexer, one of the best raid leaders I have had the privilege to have been led by. They are published, updated and edited with his permission.

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It was as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly facepalmed…
1) Do not do unto others as you do not want done unto you. Forget the “Golden Rule.” It just doesn’t apply in a one to many environment such as an Ops run. This applies to everything you do in the Ops and in its preparation. Use your “Jedi Mind Meld,” and always be thinking about what your members do not want: Do not waste their time. Do not cheat them. Do not lie to them. Do not hold them to a different standard than everyone else of their subset, and above all, do not do them wrong.

Nobody’s perfect, and you will at some point make a mistake in judgement. When you do, immediately apologize (publicly and privately to those offended) and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.  First hit’s free–repeat the mistake and you won’t get a second chance.

2) Be fair to the point of absurdity. If your friends don’t question your friendship after they’ve been in your Ops group, you’re probably not doing something right. Nobody–not your mother, your GM, your best friend or significant other– should be getting preferential treatment in any way. In fact, your best friends can often make the best examples during a Ops group as to what you don’t want someone to do.

Let’s say that your progression group has a strict “be on time” rule; if someone is late, even by five minutes, they understand that they forfeit their place for that night. Your best friend shows up ten minutes late and you’ve already filled the group with a non-guild member. Should you boot the non-guildie and pull in your friend? Absolutely…NOT! Not even if it means your group doesn’t progress as far that night. Your friend should understand, and this action impresses upon your Ops group how seriously you take this rule. As a bonus, that non-guildie will likely appreciate not being removed, and you might gain a member or at the very least, good server reputation.

You may be candid with people, you may be friendly with people, you may hang out with them, but you should never ever do so at the risk of compromising the trust of your Ops group. If your ‘friends’ can’t understand why you refuse to do any favors for them, they are not your friends.

Don’t be this guy.
3) Be confident enough to make the difficult decisions, but not stubborn enough to stick with the poor ones. Sometimes there is no right answer, but you are going to have to pick between the lesser of two evils. Make sure you understand the ramifications. If the decision is particularly divisive, articulate the reasoning for your choice to the people who are impacted. If you can’t articulate why you did what you did, you made the wrong choice. It’s not that the other options were right, it’s human perception:  If you cannot articulate your reasoning convincingly enough you are always wrong, in the context of a controversial decision.

Being confident in your choices should not make you adverse to change. You should always be looking for the impact of your choices and questioning them in private. If it becomes clear that you were wrong, understand the impact of changing course and do so if it is appropriate.

4) Knowledge in your hands is exceedingly more powerful than any item. If it impacts your Ops group, you should either know about it or have a resource at hand that does. This means reading the strategy guides, watching the videos, reading the wikis, all the while being skeptical of the information provided. Memorize everything you can; it’s a lot faster to access stuff in your memory than it is to research.

Forget the consequences that are incorporated into most strategy guides:  If the line reads like “… or else your Ops group will wipe” or “you gotta do this perfect or else your Ops group will wipe” then omit them from memorization. If the facts alone cannot allow you to derive the consequence of wiping or death, you have already failed.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by BioWare Austin and a supplemental team at BioWare Edmonton, the game was first announced on October 21, 2008, at an invitation-only press event.

Understand–but don’t underestimate or overestimate–the capabilities of your Ops group and factor that into your usage of strategies. Use the context of previous attempts in order to adjust for the next one. Use feedback from your Ops group members to adjust. Context and feedback without a good base of knowledge is weak at best. You need to have some underlying knowledge to pin it on, be it the knowledge of your Ops groups performance and capabilities, the encounter, or the game and its classes.

You, more so than anyone else, need to be all-aware. You need to know exactly how much of each class you currently have, approximately what group they’re in. At any given time you should be able to answer without hesitation what they should be doing and where. You need to know without hesitation what success would currently look like, you need to know when an immediate change of course is necessary, and you need to know the capabilities of each individual person in attendance.

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and this transcends spec and gear. Not everyone will be gurus at every aspect of the game and more important than leveraging them is just knowing who they are and factoring that into decisions. If you make yourself aware and knowledgeable of everything that should be going on, then spotting outliers and differences should be trivial. If someone is doing something other than what you instructed them to do, you should be able to process their actions and generate a rationale. If it still fits into the context of your strategy then leave them be – they’re likely doing that because that’s what they do best.

If a person is doing something completely contrary to your strategy, fix it. Finally, if you can’t do something you are instructing other people to do, surround yourself with people who you trust that can. That is, if you aren’t familiar with how a particular class performs in an Ops and don’t genuinely understand their capabilities – then surround yourself with people who are well versed with that class and consult with them frequently. Don’t make yourself appear as a fool by demanding or proclaiming the impossible.

Next week: The remaining pillars.

Semper Havoc!

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you have a comment about this or any other Command Decisions article, or have a question about guild management for Major Snarl, who can be found lounging in pubs all across The Bastion. You can also send a wave to majorsnarl [at] gmail [dot] com or post in the comments section below!


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