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The Most Important UI You Must Know in Guild Wars 2

In continuation from the last post, this guide here explains the type of skills appearing on your UI according to each profession. Also, players should learn what types of skills are associated with each weapon so you can expect the most damage out of your weapon. For more information, you can read through this handy guild wars 2 e-book for a better idea. Highly recommended for beginners.

Guild Wars 2 Norn

The button on the left of the left side of the action bar in Guild Wars 2 UI has two arrows, that is a swap weapons button. You can press tilde on your keyboard and it’ll swap your weapons. Most professions have the option to swap between two sets of weapons. On the UI you can slot two weapons, so you can have two two-handed weapons, or you can have two dual-wielding sets, or one dual-wielding set and one two-hander, it depends on how you want to do it, how you feel like playing today, and how you feel like beating someone else with it later in PVP. So that’s why it’s cool, because it changes the way – so anyway. Weapons in the game give you skills. Why is this awesome? If you are playing as guild wars 2 guardian guide and dual-wield a sword and an ax, or a sword and a mace, or a mace and an ax, or a mace and a sword, you’re going to get combinations of these different skills that you bring to the fight, which brings different utilities that you can provide to yourself or your team, or just because you feel like chopping kids up a bunch. Chop, chop! Swing, swing! Chop, chop!

Guild Wars 2 Asura

The red globe in the middle of screen is the health. That’s simple, right? I don’t think I have to explain. The action buttons that pertain to 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 are your self-heal, your three utility skills, and your elite skill. Theses skills are available to all professions. Even guild wars 2 ranger guide can heal yourself. You basically create a build out of all five of these slots that allow you to play differently. Not only are the weapons factoring into your play style, but these utility skills are going to factor into your play style as well. Awesome!

To sum this all up for you, Guild Wars 2 combat is about positioning, when and where it’s prudent to use certain skills, and what you bring to the table as far as how you’re going to benefit yourself, how you’re going to benefit your teammates, and how you’re going to dice up people when you PVP, or when you do dungeons, how you’re going to optimize yourself so that you can share the tank roll with other players or something like that. There are even more things, there’s more than just utility skills and what weapons you’re bringing that change out your play style. You’ve also got traits, which are the talents on steroids, then you’ve got upgrade components, then you’ve got, I don’t know, what else. Before I go, I want to ask what weapons do you think your profession, or combination of weapon and stance or weapon and toolkit do you think your profession that you’re going to play in Guild Wars II is going to be your favorite? Post your comment below!

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