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Weaponsmith in Lord of the Rings Online
 In Lord of the Rings online, Weaponsmith is skilled in both blacksmithing and bladecraft, combining these talents to produce fine metal weapons likes swords and daggers. It is also the main craft skill of the Armsman vocation and a secondary skill of the Historian Vocation. Specializing in the construction of blades, a Weaponsmith can craft the daggers, axes, and swords used as primary weapons by most classes.
   As for weaponsmith, its job is to produce melee weapons of excellent quality. In this game, it is for sure that weapons are some of the most important item types and the best weapons often sell for a high premium. Most of the players are more willing to spend lots of gold on a weapon than they are on a piece of armor as well as jewelery, even if the material costs are relatively low. There is a massive barrier to entry to becoming a grandmaster weaponsmith much like with armorer, but if you stick with it for a long enough time, you will start to see steady profits. You might just have to vendor your non critical success weapons to recoup your costs so you do not expect to be able to sell many of them on the Auction House. 
   However, the bulk of the expense will come from the ore that you need to harvest to increase weaponsmith. But for one thing, there is an leveling path for weaponsmith that you are capable of increasing your skill by creating traps using only inexpensive materials from a vendor and straw from a farmer but it is much lower although less expensive. On the other hand, to focus on crafting throwing weapons is another relatively cheap way. But more often than not, these sell for good silver on the Auction House while taking relatively little money in connect with the materials.
   For another, there is another leveling path is to create masses of useful sub-components that you can use when you are a grandmaster to create critical success items that you can sell for real money. There are plusses and minuses to each approach, which depend on your level of time commitment and how much gold you're willing to sink into the profession initially. It is better for you to go the subcomponent route while gathering your own materials but that requires lots of storage space, use alternate characters if you need to along with vendor bought components and increased time to mastery in the long term. 
   For weaponsmith, it can make traps for Hunters. Even though Hunters can use their own traps, the ones crafted by weaponsmiths are superior in quality. They can also create shield spikes that guardians can use to make their shield based attacks more powerful, or change their damage type entirely. Weaponsmiths have the ability to create tricks for burglars as well that make their skills more effective, such as caltrops, marbles and stun dust. In particular, at the high level, these do not cost many materials and are constant sellers. 
   As above mentioned, it draws a conclusion that weaponsmith is very, very helpful and useful crafting profession for you so you'd better to master it.

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