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The Elder Scrolls Online Power Leveling Online game players whether play games professionally or just as an amateur strongly get fascinated by the concept of power leveling. It's because with the advancement in new ESO Power Leveling they get chance to enjoy the new environment and feel the new adventure as well as thrill. But to move into next level you need to play the current level wisely and complete it successfully. By getting frustrated with this concept many players go for ESO Power Leveling Package services for what they have to pay.


The Elder Scrolls Power Leveling is the term used to describe the process of leveling a character as rapidly as possible with the least amount of play time.Cheap ESO Power Leveling can be used from any level up to the maximum level in the game. Also, efficient The Elder Scrolls Power Leveling at does not require endless hours of grinding.

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ESO Commodity Environment and Trading System

We first talk about merchandise to trade before introducing the trading system. What things are hot for sale in the store in The Elder Scrolls Online? What we can ensure is the things to trade become the main raw materials instead of finished equipment. In the view of manufacture, ESO production system is to encourage players to equip with their items made by themselves.  Equipment can be broken down into other equipment whose level is the same as the original.  Manufacturing research equipment need to click and it is finished when you enter the game again.  There are eight effective characteristics for equipment, which can be manufactured. The upgrade system of equipment can be leveled up through trading raw materials. The rate of dropping blue equipment will be higher in the late game. Moreover, break down low level equipment and get the items to improve the quality and use for high level equipment (Gain items by breaking down level 10 equipment as same as a level 10 elite).  It is easy for level 10 players to arm with blue equipment or purple equipment. The so-called manufacturing experts do not exist basically. It can be said everyone is expert. Compared with other MMO, ESO experience is gained by the way to explore dungeons.  A piece of high level equipment blinding props can be sold for a high price. The manufacturing map of high level equipment has a high price without market.


From the equipment improvement of view, the quality of equipment level up to increase equipment 1 or 2 levels. For example, the purple equipment at level 30 has the same quality as the level 30 blue. For elite players, every attribute point is particularly critical, but it is not obvious for most of players. Conscious players can not spend much time and gold in upgrading equipment without reasons; they will spend more energy in exploring in the game world. In other MMO, killing the green-equipment monsters are for amusement; slaying the blue-equipment like cutting a cake, but killing the orange-equipment is more difficult. However, there is such situation to occur in ESO. Therefore, you need to change the deep rooted concept formed in other MMO. What I need point out is that ESO carpenters, as one of manufacturing classes, are fewer than Blacksmiths and Tailors. It is less wands, bows and shields that you can gain in the game. Manufacture makes them rare.

What’s more, Enchant, Alchemy and Cooking will become the main force of trading. The ESO system increases the difficulty of the three manufacturing items.


Firstly, the three manufacture items greatly consume materials. Rune needs three kinds of Rune stone, bottles and herbs; cooking is need of recipes and the corresponding materials. For the players who have not many materials in their parcel, there is no doubt that manufacture adds the difficulty of using raw materials. Especially for Enchant, you can break down Rune from killed monsters to gain Rune Stone which really takes up two much space. Secondly, you can get finished items in the game to reduce material consumption. You can gain some food from the store or kill monsters to add attributes and regeneration. Finally, the way to gather raw material is single. Enchant is gathers through dividing Rune. For Alchemy and Cooking, it is difficult. Alchemy require that you use a shovel to dig up plants and find suitable water in the place where there is water on the game map. Cooking is more complicated. Find boxes and go fishing. You are required the map to cook. My cooking class has reached level 3 through reading.


Consumables seem unimportant. But in fact, what about it is? Consumables are not really necessary, except that it can greatly enhance your various abilities. on this point, ESO is similar to WOW. The long-or short-term promoting capacity of consumables has a very good effect. Enchant at elite’s level can only be obtained by production. ESO food likes Total in WOW, which is good for a long time (usually 35 minutes) software upgrade.  Alchemist produces something for a short period of time of the outbreak and crisis. Remember that the potion to add 60% critical strike within six seconds plus 60% makes a Mage increase critical strike chance to 104%.

After knowing about manufacturing information, you easier understand ESO trading system. In short, a thing is valued if it is rare.

Raw materials on the market will be the main trading commodity; the more supplies, the more difficult to monopolize these things. The rare resource is the so-called “god” equipment, advanced equipment made by carpenters  and  consumables (In addition to the manufacture books of the legendary race = _ =).


Trading System

Now, we look back to the ESO trading system. 
The first thing is the guild setting, 500-people setting related to the great world server. It makes the huge worldwide server market break up into small markets, which it can be said is a crushing blow for black traders. The systematically market is destroyed but still exist, which has me think of  the board game Katan. You can gather your own resources, and set price to trade. Of course, you can also exchange with people in other islands.  ESO economy just likes the game Katan and consists of a lot of trading Islands.


Do you worry about that personal goods can not be sold? You can sell your goods to other 2599 players at the same time. What does it mean? The real online store has about several thousand visitors. So you need not worry about it. You just go to the place where there are lots of buyers. In addition, you can join other guilds to sell your goods. If you can not sell something, you will think about your price. And you can peddle and nobody care about it. WTB/WTS on the full screen is not too bad


Different WOW, there is not a main fixed city in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can arrive on a certain city to sell, or you regard the trip to a city as the part of your remember. Calling to sell in ESO differs from that in WOW where there is /1 /2 trading channels of a main city and your words are not seen by players in other main city.


Offline Transaction

After all, ESO is not as good as WOW and D3 where there is the full-service auction. 
The scarcity of liquidity also leds to that the game has only store without auction house. Is it no bad that liquidity may appear to have without markets? 

The answer is “No”, because the solution is the well-know solution offline transactions. It is foreseeable that ESO offline transactions gradually increase. Players will put their equipment on the network to exchange currency or cash. There may even be players to spontaneously do a website so that people can carry their items to auctions online and transact offline. This is a common problem of online games. No matter how game companies forbid those transactions, where is a demand there will be supply between players, which reduces the playable balance of ESO. D3 had even owned a cash auction house but the effect was still not satisfactory resulted in a huge loss of players. Blizzard finally closed the auction.

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